HOA Guidelines

Home Owners association

Understanding the HOA

If you live in a community governed by a Home Owners Association (HOA), you’re probably familiar with their regulations and enforcement methods. While it may sometimes feel like the HOA is “out to get you,” there are benefits to their rules. When you receive an HOA notice to repaint your home, it’s the community’s way of maintaining property values.

Ignoring these prompts can lead to fines or penalties, which may be legally binding according to your community’s terms. If you’re unsure about the extent of the work needed, you can contact your HOA for clarification.

If your house is located in Arizona, you’re part of the Daisy Mountain Painting service area, and we would be happy to help you navigate the HOA requirements.

Painting Elements


  1. Lighting and Temperature Considerations
    • Pigment Quality: Choose exterior paints formulated with high-quality pigments that can withstand UV radiation and protect your property.
    • Light vs. Dark Colors:
      • Light colors, like tan or white, can reduce indoor temperatures and make a building stand out.
      • Dark colors, like deep reds and blues, absorb heat but can make large buildings appear proportionate to small lots.
    • Temperature Effects: Extreme temperature changes can cause the substrate (underlying layer) to expand and contract, affecting paint performance. Using high-quality paint ensures longevity and optimal appearance.
  1. Types of Finish
    • Flat Finish: Commonly used for stucco and siding.
    • Low Sheen: Emerging as a popular trend due to its vibrant appearance and excellent dirt resistance.
    • Elastomeric Coating: Ideal for masonry surfaces due to its high strength, durability, and elasticity. While it’s more expensive and requires skilled applicators, it offers excellent color retention and chalk resistance.

Professional Consultation and Assistance

Simplify your color selection process by working with a paint manufacturer or a professional color consultant.

  • Color Consultants: Experts who can suggest suitable color schemes based on your community’s aesthetic and HOA requirements.
  • Paint Manufacturers: Often provide color consultation services, including digital renderings, as part of their product offering.


Tips for Choosing Colors:

  1. Observe neighboring properties and identify appealing schemes.
  2. Use color renderings to visualize potential color options on your property.
  3. Request a ‘mock-up’ of your favorite colors to see how they look at different times of the day.

Start the color selection process at least six to twelve months before your project’s start date. This ensures a smooth contractor bidding process with accurate paint specifications rather than a generic Request for Proposal.

Color Schemes


If you need help navigating HOA guidelines or selecting the perfect color scheme, contact Daisy Mountain Painting today (623) 551-3156!

We’d love to assist you in creating a vibrant and cohesive community aesthetic.

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