Professional Paint Warranties - Daisy Mountain Painting
Daisy Mountain Painting Services strives to focus on the customer. The customer is treated with the highest quality. Our customers get the best level of services ...
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Professional Paint Warranties

Reliable Warranties

Daisy Mountain Painting Service continues the job well after the paint has dried. With tremendous customer support, you’ll see why our clients love our work.

HOA Protection Plan

Daisy Mountain Painting will repair any deficiency caused by fading or normal weather conditions detected by the Homeowner’s Association for the lifetime of the job and materials as stated in the estimate.* Original purchaser must supply Daisy Mountain Painting with written notice from the original purchaser’s HOA. Daisy Mountain Painting will supply the labor to correct the detected concerns noted by the Homeowners Association.**

*Life of the supplies and work performed will range from 3-10 years depending on material grade, color, location, and surface applied.

**Daisy Mountain Painting Services, LLC will supply labor up to 20% of the total cost of original contract.

Paint Warranty

Some paint manufacturers offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty or a Term Warranty on their products. Daisy Mountain Painting will help any client take advantage of these warranties when appropriate. These supply warranties can be combined when available with the HOA Protection Plan provided to most jobs completed by Daisy Mountain Painting Services.*

Daisy Mountain Painting Services, LLC is not obligated to provide for any supply warranties. Any warranties are offered and honored by the material manufacturers and not Daisy Mountain Painting Services.

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