Meeting Your Expectations - Daisy Mountain Painting
Daisy Mountain Painting Services strives to focus on the customer. The customer is treated with the highest quality. Our customers get the best level of services ...
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Meeting Your Expectations


Professional Teatment

From the moment you call Daisy Mountain Painting, you’ll receive professional advice and support. Our office staff is trained and equipped to handle all of your questions. We can do the research on acceptable themes for your community, and present you with the options for your home.

Free Painting Estimate

Nothing replaces the in-person service that you deserve. Daisy Mountain Painting can give you the service. It’s our pleasure to view your job and present our quote in-person. You can be assured that our quotes represent the best possible options for the job ahead.


Professional Consultation

Before a drop of paint gets on your home, you’ll be surprised at how we can help you imagine. First, we’ll help pick out your best options. Next, we’ll give you the opportunity to view your favorite colors on your home with our professional rendering options.

Professional Crews

The actual work will be performed by train, licensed, and insured professionals. Daisy Mountain Painting Services insures all the crew on-site. No subcontractors are hired to be on your home without your permission, and are only hired for specific tasks. All the work is surveyed by the owner or manger, who will be available for a final walk through and to answer any questions.

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