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Choose A Painter

How To Choose A Contractor
Get A Solid Quote

Before you choose a painter, make sure you receive quotes for the same amount of work. Have the prospective contractor prepare a list of what needs to be done.

Check Their References

A qualified painter will provide you with at least three references. The projects completed for each referral project should be similar in size and scope to yours. Ask each referral the following questions:

  1. Was the job completed on time?
  2. Did the quote match the final cost?
  3. Would you hire the painter again?

Notice The Presentation

As with most hiring processes, pay attention to each painter’s presentation. Are they polite, professional and dress appropriately? Presentation will most likely reflect the type of work they do.

Prove Their Insurance

Ask to see a certificate of insurance. As painting can be dangerous work, it’s important to hire an insured painter so you are no held responsible for any injuries to the painter or crew members.

Verify Licensing

Contractor licensing laws and regulations are monitored by the State of Arizona. Make sure that any contractor you use is licensed by the State. Go to and enter the contractors licensed number. At that time you can verify that the contractor is current with all state requirements and has no complaints against the contractors license.

Qualify Their Product

There are numerous choices when it comes to paint, buy not all paints are created equal. Have your contractor provide you with a data sheet of paint materials to be used on your job. For example, each supplier has economy materials (paint) and premium materials (paint).

Each contractor you interview should provide you with not only the name of the paint supplier, but they should also include you with the product names of the material to be used on your home. Never use any painter that cannot provide you with a material on your exterior or interior job that is not 100% acrylic. If a cheaper paint is substituted, a poorer finish and lower satisfaction may result, as well as more frequent re-painting.