About Us - Daisy Mountain Painting
Daisy Mountain Painting Services strives to focus on the customer. The customer is treated with the highest quality. Our customers get the best level of services ...
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About Us

In 1997, Casey started CJC Painting. CJC Painting made a turn from primarily contract work with apartments to focusing on residential painting in his home town of Anthem, Arizona. In 2009, CJC Painting changed it’s name to Daisy Mountain Painting and became Anthem’s Premier Home Town Painter.

All of our team members have a large amount of experience. Each crew consists of two members with one of the members being a supervisor for that crew. A supervisor must have fine years or more of experience before running a crew for Daisy Mountain Painting Services.

All of our team members are real employees, not subcontractors or day labor. Because Daisy Mountain Painting Services cares about its customers and professional reputation, we not only drug test all employees, but also comply with state enforced e-verify requirements. Our team members are paid fair wages, and because of that, they enjoy working for Daisy Mountain Painting Services. All of our crew members have high standards regarding customer service.